Denver, Colorado  303-433-7146
 I felt this was a great opportunity to create this group, support it's needs and meet several different families, children, and organizations in the community.  I wanted the children and adults to learn of their families past, to help them grow in their future with the ability that if they know where they come from they will know where they are going. 
*Owner, Director, Schedules Performances and Events, Began group in 1991.  

My history of dancing began as a young girl, but the love of this dance began with my children.  I enjoy working with our families and teaching their children, watching their accomplishment of learning a dance and then watching their performance on live stage.  I have learned to create and sew costumes with great pleasure.  It is an honor to showcase my dancers in Denver as one of the city's premier dance group.
*Assistant Director, Treasurer,Costume Designer, Schedules Performances and Events, Dance Instructor, Member of the group since 1991
*Dance Instructor, Promoter, Dance Performance Announcer, Stage Corrdinator, Sound and Music Director, Schedules Performances and Events
Member of the group since 1991
  * Dance Instructor, Choregrapher, Stage Corrdinator, Schedules Performances and Events
Member of the group since 1991
Jake Garcia
Sandy Valdez
Carra Garcia
Reina Nicole
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Instructor, Elite Dance Team, member since 2003.
Instructor, Elite Dance Team, member for 8 years.
Joylene Alvarado
Mariah Anderson