The COLORADO MESTIZO DANCERS looks forward to serving you and the community with stimulating culture performances that promote improved human relations.  The performances are generally 30 to 45 minutes in lenght, but performances can be as short as 10 minutes and as long as an hour and a half.  The performances are designed to adjust to a variety of settings and situations.  The COLORADO MESTIZO DANCERS has performed in auditoriums, cafeterias, gymnasiums, hotels, hospitals, churches, classrooms, resturants, convention centers, exhibit areas, libraries, lobbies, parks, fairs, recreation centers and can perform either indoors or outdoors.
The COLORADO MESTIZO DANCERS must raise money to support equipment and performance needs.  We depend on your donations which typically range form $150 to $500 per performance.  The number of performers is determined by the situations, the lenght of the program and the size of the performance area.  Intimate social situations such as weddings, birthdays, luncheons generally require a small group of 8 to 12 dancers.  Lecture demonstrations, school assemblies or festivals in an auditorium, gymnasium or outdoor stages, require a larger group of 20 to 45 dancers.
  COLORADO MESTIZO DANCERS has performed throughout the Denver community at annual festivals such as:  Capital Hills People Fair, Celebrating Culture's Cinco de Mayo, El Grito, All About Kids Expo, News 4's Education Expo, Excel's Parade of Lights and has also toured the states of Nebraska, Texas, Wyoming and Mexico.
This year's National Stock Show, January 2013, Colorado Rockies International Night and many more....